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    1. 哈桑的義務

      • Umut Karadag Tuncay Kaynak 馬希爾·貢西雷 Filiz Bozok G?khan
      • 120分鐘
      • Hasan得知有人要在他的耕田上安裝電塔,他動用手段避… Hasan得知有人要在他的耕田上安裝電塔,他動用手段避免這一切發生。在出發去麥加朝圣之前,他向妻子保證彌補過去的錯誤。   Making his living from gardening and farming in the land he inherited from his father, Hasan tries to get rid of the power pole that is going to be installed in the midst of his land. His impending voyage to Mecca for pilgrimage leads to soul searching into his past.


      • 正片
      • 8集全